F4 Ecosystem

ECO of F4

A Decentralized Exchange

The core of our development strategy is digital asset trading platform F4. F4 Exchange is the next generation trading solution for cryptocurrency and token.

This revolutionary technology will play an important role as the based for investors, users can connect with the hole F4 ecosystem, including cryptocurrency transaction of us. This platform provides the convenience for MEX token, these trading pair with MEX will free fee, so will more effective by purchasing BTC by MEX and after that sell MEX to buy ETH, instead of buy ETH equal BTC directly.


Blockchain Wallet

F4 have supplied a multi-chain blockchain wallet, global population to buy, sell, receive, send and store cryptocurrency, friendly with users, make it become perfect to the new cryptocurrency users for storing, trading and purchasing.

The buyer can buy and sell from blockchain wallet as well as view all transaction history easily. At that time, it supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), NEM (XEM), Dash (DASH) and others cryptocurrencies. Blockchain wallet will allow assets permission into a series of traditional payment option to send and nonstop withdrawing. These web and mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) will allow you to assess your asset everywhere and everytime.


Online Shopping Mall

Online Shopping Mall is a Virtual assistant of F4 platform. We harness the power of computer with Blockchain technology to make your trading become more professional.

The integration of Online Shopping Mall into F4 Platform and its application in cryptocurrency trading means that cryptocurrency trading on F4 exchange is unlimited, diversity and more easier ever to all complex trading, where is the speed and effective is key of success. Online Shopping Mall with those function as devidending market, looking at F4MART.COM.


Payment Gateway

F4 ecosystem is a comprehensive solution include the hole application platform developed from blockchain platform which can exploit these function of blockchain technology.

Our platform based on Ethereum Blockchain and includes these module enrich reality solving solution around belief and authenticity of digital identity, document and database for users and enterprise.


Collateralized Loans

F4 will use our technology to provide these Collateralized Loans which is supported by cryptocurrency to those members joint the cryptocurrency market, these one try to get their assets but now sell cryptocurrency to them. This platform will provide these loans rapidly for multi legal area, safe storing and competitive loan with those value rate.


Investment Tools

F4 will provide those investment solution to individuals and enterprises, such as these low trading fee funds, transaction, advises, agency, custody and assets management.

Most of these services will be internal development by using these the most advanced of artificial intelligence technology (AI).

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